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Which teaching method best suits you?

Rockschool drums grades Debut - 4

I can teach students using the Rock School curriculum, from Debut to grade 4. I can help them prepare for and pass their Rock School Grade Examinations (fully accredited in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland), and am able to teach pupils from complete beginners to seasoned musicians. This method gives you an understanding of the theory behind drumming and teaches you to read and play drum sheet music.

Playing by ear

This is the method preferred by most students as it offers flexibility as a drummer and teaches you to listen to a drum beat and be able to play it yourself with practice. It is less structured but gives you the skills needed to play to music, drum with a band and improvise an appropriate beat/fill for the music you are playing to.

Drum Pirate Rock Beats

These are my own collection of drum beats, fills and drum rolls that you can learn, and which can be applied to most music. We work on the beats individually before combining them and learning to switch between them as you play. These beats, fills and rolls give you a solid foundation for rock and pop drumming and a basic understanding of drum theory and sheet music. You can take these to practice at home and they offer a great starting point from which to develop your drumming abilities.

Tailored to your needs

Each of these teaching methods are effective and will help you reach your full potential as a drummer, so at Drum Pirate we prefer to teach a mixture of the above in order to give you well rounded drum tuition. However we also tailor the lessons to the learning style that suits you best, so if you struggle with one method we can focus on another. This way we ensure the lessons are as enjoyable and productive as possible.